Yaha-kui ZaShunina



Kanji ヤハクィザシュニナ
Age ~15 billion[1]
Gender Unknown (Male in human form)
Height 173cm / 5'6"ft[2]
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Takuma Terashima (Japanese)
Jason Liebrecht (English)
Anime Debut Episode 01

Shindou Koujirou

zaShunina's bond with Shindou is one of the most prominent in the series, as he spends a significant amount of time trying to get to know the human and vice versa. Shindou was the first person to be exposed to the anisotropic, which resulted in negative side effects due to a lack of better communication between the two species. [3] Since then, Shindou put in all his efforts to get pleasing results for both parties involved and resigned from his position as U.N. Policy Bureau in order to fully focus on his negotiation with zaShunina, choosing to trust him for the sake of human advancement.[4]
As Shindou represents zaShunina on humanity's behalf, he eventually got to know the alien a lot better and the two gradually develop a mutual understanding towards each other and something akin to a friendship, with Shindou explaining human concepts and culture to him or bringing zaShunina books to read. On one occasion, he brought him to a festival [5] and made him an origami seahorse bookmark, which zaShunina used in later episodes.[6]
In an official interview, Noguchi (series producer) mentioned how communicating with Shindou softened zaShunina and in the process he learned more about what humans are like. [7]
Episode 09

zaShunina asking Shindou to join him in the anisotropic.

It is also possible zaShunina developed some sort of feelings towards Shindou, as proven in Episode 09 when he gets close to him and caresses his face. This is also evident in the fact that he asked him about leaving to the anisotropic with him. However, his conflicting feelings towards Shindou backfire as he is incapable of acting out on emotions alike to a human and later on made a clone of Shindou without his prior knowledge, attempting to "make him disappear" if he rejected him.
It has been stated by series director Watanabe Masaki in the Animage magazine that zaShunina views Shindou as "someone special" and his feelings could possibly be interpreted as romantic, but not in a human sense.[8]

Tsukai Saraka

Tsukai and zaShunina start out on neutral terms, with Tsukai being a negotiator for Japan as well as humanity itself, on the opposing side. While they do not interact much initially, their opinions of each other can be concluded from conversations with various characters. While zaShunina is indifferent, it is quickly revealed that Tsukai doesn't fully trust him.[9][10] She considers it strange that Shindou acts so casually around the alien and expresses her scepticism towards both the Wam and Sansa.
In Episode 05, they have their first proper conversation, with Tsukai expressing her discontent with his gifts, to which zaShunina simply states that their opinions differ.
Her opinion of him is further explored in Episode 07 and Episode 08. She states that while she doesn't personally dislike him, it would be better if humanity progressed on its own and that his gifts to humanity are "unnatural".
In Episode 09, it was shown that the reason she distrusts him is because she is also an anisotropic being herself, and seems to be the administrator for Earth. She has most likely seen the natural evolution of humans over millions of years and doesn't want him interfering.

Kanata Shinawa

Shinawa expresses great excitement towards the alien, and views him as something akin to a God. [11] In Episode 05, zaShunina chose her as the candidate to make Wam. In the spur of her enthusiasm, she tries to bite zaShunina's disembodied hand until she is stopped by Shindou. Later on it was explained by zaShunina that the reason she was chosen was because of her childlike qualities that are required to make the Wam (the other being a sense of the anisotropic) and therefore he deemed her capable, albeit strange. [12]


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