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Yaha-kui ZaShunina



Kanji ヤハクィザシュニナ
Age Unknown
Gender Unknown (Male in human form)
Height 173cm / 5'6"ft[1]
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Takuma Terashima (Japanese)
Jason Liebrecht (English)
Anime Debut Episode 01

Early life

As a mysterious anisotropic being, much of zaShunina's history remains unknown. He stated that he came from a universe entirely different to the one Earth is in. [2] It is also unknown what his real form looks like or what his purpose to coming to Earth is, as his answers to the matter are ambiguous.

Story Synopsis

He made his first appearance on Earth by means of Kado on the 25th of July, 2017 on Haneda Airport, where he stayed for another several weeks. It was also the same day that he materialized into a human for the first time.


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