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Yaha-kui ZaShunina



Kanji ヤハクィザシュニナ
Age ~15 billion[1]
Gender Unknown (Male in human form)
Height 173cm / 5'6"ft[2]
Status Unknown
Voice Actor(s) Takuma Terashima (Japanese)
Jason Liebrecht (English)
Anime Debut Episode 01

Yaha-kui ZaShunina (ヤハクィザシュニナ) is one of the main characters in the Seikaisuru Kado series.

An Anisotoron who suddenly appears in Japan, Yaha-kui ZaShunina closely resembles a human being, in terms of outward appearance. He possesses technology that surpasses modern science and tech, and uses this overwhelming power to level various political demands to the government of Japan.


Yaka-kui takes on the form of a young male with silver-white hair and crimson red eyes. His hair has a long strand in the front which he keeps tied. He also wears golden earrings as well as rings on both of his hands.
When he first appears before Shindou, he appears with seemingly no clothes, as he does not understand human customs. After Shindou asks him if he could dress himself, Yaha-kui opts for a black skin-tight suit, in addition to a white cloak with red ribbons. He also wears sandal-like shoes, which are a part of his suit.
In Episode 07, he was seen wearing a green yukata on a festival in addition to a kitsune mask that Shindou gave him.


Much of Yaha-kui's personality is still mysterious, however, it is known that he is keen on learning about humans and humanity. He is seemingly unaware of human greed and decided to hand out the Wams to the Japanese government, as he desires human "advancement". His true motive in this is still not entirely clear and up to speculation.
He is very formal in his speech and often talks about things from a psychological point of view. He rarely is seen changing his facial expression, keeping it neutral until only recent episodes, wherein his expressions have become seemingly more human and he smiles to Shindou or other humans (such as Takumi and his crew) on occasion. He is seemingly fascinated by human nature and their reasons for doing things.
His desire for knowledge is also shown in his interactions with Shindou, and he seems to have taken a liking to him in the little time they have spent together. Furthermore, he appears to enjoy reading books[3].
Moreover, as an anisotropic being, it is possible that he does not have a sense of right or wrong, as evident by the fact that he disregards asking Shindou for his consent when he makes him physically not require sleep.[4] In Episode 07, it is revealed that he has gained an understanding of liking and disliking certain concepts, stating that he "likes humans like them" (when talking about Takumi's crew).
During the course of the series, zaShunina's expressions as well as speech have grown significantly more "human" and emotional, although he still speaks in monotone to most people. Moreover it has been shown that he is also capable of more negative emotions, such as disappointment and his conflicting feelings towards Shindou. He is shown to be impatient and displayed disappointment when Shindou didn't reply immediately when he asked him if he would want to go to the anisotropic with him.
Despite this, it was revealed that as much as he is concerned, everything he does is essentially for the good of humanity, no matter how drastic his actions could be interpreted.[5] Additionally, almost all of his book choices are about humanism, which suggests that he does feel some sort of connection or compassion to humanity.


  • By using the Kado, Yaha-kui is able to gather information about worlds unfamiliar to him and explore their ways of communication within seconds.[6]
  • He is able to detach and resize his arms by making them pass through Novo.[7]


  • His voice actor, Takuma Terashima, got both the roles for zaShunina as well as Hanamori. Fellow voice actor Miura Hiroaki (Koujirou Shindou) also got casted for the role for zaShunina, but in the end the role was given to Terashima as his voice sounded "less human". Terashima stated that he wanted to reflect the alienness of zaShunina's voice in his acting. [8]
  • He seems to dislike beer, stating that it is bitter.[9]
  • On the Tiering System, a scale used to measure the power of fictional characters, zaShunina likely belongs to Tier 1-B: Hyperverse Level. This describes beings that exist in more than 12 dimensions.[10]


  • "You must continue to think: am I a foe, a friend? That is right. To constantly think... is the only right answer in the world." - Episode 02