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Saraka Tsukai


Saraka CGI


Kanji 徭 沙羅花
Rōmaji Tsukai Saraka
Age 24 (Human form)[1]

~15 billion (Anisotropic form)[2]

Gender Female
Height 160cm / 5'2"ft[3]
Status Alive
Voice Actor(s) Mao Ichimichi (Japanese)
Mikaela Krantz (English)
Anime Debut Episode 02

Saraka Tsukai (徭 沙羅花 Tsukai Saraka) is one of the main characters in the Seikaisuru Kado series. She is one of the best negotiators in the Japanese government and represents them in discussions with the Anisotropic, Yaha-kui zaShunina.


Saraka is a beautiful young woman with pale skin and pink-ish red eyes. She is commonly seen wearing her office attire, which consists of a black blazer over a white blouse-style shirt as well as a skirt.
Her dark purple hair features a layered style and it has straight cuts at the tips. At the back it reaches down to her waist, whereas it grows to the middle of her face in the front, partially covering her ears.
On her right hand is a ring which she describes as a pledge of faith.


She is quite stubborn, and her father calls her a bit of a tomboy. She is concerned with the interference of the new technologies. She gets embarrassed easily.


  • In Episode 09, she is revealed to be the same as zaShunina; an anisotropic being.


  • In Talnel, she expresses her desire to "protect the dignity of humanity, and of the world" from the anisotropic. She appreciates the development of the universe when "nobody's will was involved"
    • "There's something more important than the benefits [of Anisotropic technology]. And that's this place. ... The Universe."


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