Koujirou Shindou



Kanji 真道 幸路朗
Rōmaji Shindō Kōjirō
Age 30 Years[1]
Gender Male
Height 176cm / 5'7"ft[2]
Occupation Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy Bureau, United Nations Policy Division Officer (Formerly)[3]
Cabinet Office Director-General for Policy Planning
Status Deceased
Voice Actor(s) Miura Hiroaki (Japanese)
Ian Mead Moore (English)
Anime Debut Episode 01

Koujirou Shindou (真道 幸路朗 Shindō Kōjirō) is one of the main characters in the Seikaisuru Kado series.

As the first of mankind to make contact with the Anisotoron Yaha-kui zaShunina, he becomes a Dietman who works to bridge the gaps between the two species.


Koujirou is a young, tall man with dark brown eyes and short, black hair. His bangs are cut in a v-shaped style. He is commonly dressed in a dark blue-gray suit with a white shirt featuring thin, gray stripes, underneath. Additionally, he wears a wine red tie with a pattern showing varying sizes of diagonal stripes.
On his days off, he wears a simple short-sleeved white shirt, jeans, and a belt.


Koujirou is generally calm and collected, seemingly never distressed or overwhelmed with any task given to him. He has a great sense for business and negotiations and a kind heart to make use of these in favour of every party included. Rarely does he shy from going out of his way to fulfill his ideas in order to bring pleasing results to everyone.
He is shown to hold trust in his friends, such as Hanamori when giving him the position of the Japanese government envoy to the anisotropic.[4]


  • Initially, Miura Hiroaki was chosen to do the voice of zaShunina, but was later recasted as Shindou as Takuma Terashima's voice sounded "less human". [5]


  • "There isn't just one answer, for one thing. We aren't God. We'll never know what was right -and what was the right answer- for our whole lives. But even if we don't know, we just have to keep looking." - Episode 00