Kado (カド) is a giant structure in the shape of an enormous cube with extraordinary patterns shown on its surface, that is more than 2 kilometers in height and length and features high-level technology, as well as an isolated interior.[1]

It seems to possess an own form of consciousness, being able to form a smaller version of itself in its own interior. That cube shaped organism consists of various colorful particles, which share a distinct resemblance to snowflakes. While it moves through the air, a trail of those particles follows the smaller Kado.[2]

Once the Kado has taken objects or human life into its interior, it can not immediately release them again. The speed of the operation depends on the mass of the subject and can take days to months. A single person can be released after 2.74 hours.[2]

Kado & Novo

The Kado is referred to as "Boundary Unit" by Yaha-kui zaShunina.[2], manifested between the human universe and the Novo. Between Kado is a world between Novo and the universe. It serves as not only a boundary object, but simultaneously as transforming mechanism.
Kado possesses the processing functions to cross the boundaries in question, which are highly exclusionary. While Yaha-kui is able to use these processing functions on himself to travel through universes, it remains impossible to get rid of all the fractions and discord resulting from it (This process is dubbed "Fregonics" by the Japanese).[3]


  • The Kado can build an entire world inside of itself and can continue functioning endlessly without needing to contact the outside world.[citation needed]

Small Kado

  • Transmit and translate information through technical devices to Yaha-kui, making it possible for him to learn a decent amount of information about the human world within seconds.[2]
  • Materialise objects, such as clothing, through the use of its particles.[2]
  • Take in objects, such as food, and make copies of them.[2]


The Kado makes its first appearance as it erupts from the sky near Haneda Airport, seemingly out of nowhere. [...]
While being on the inside of the Kado, Yaha-kui gives the Kado the order to translate information from Koujirou's cellphone in order for him to be able to communicate with the human world. It responds by creating a smaller, pink hued version of itself, which is made from a number of colorful particles resembling snowflakes. The small cube engulfs the phone and quickly releases it again, having processed and transmitted all the information needed to its master.[2]