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Episode 01
English Yaha-kui zaShunina
Kanji ヤハクィザシュニナ
Release March 31, 2017
Running Time 23:50 Minutes
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Yaha-kui zaShunina (ヤハクィザシュニナ) is the first episode of the Seikaisuru Kado series.


The story opens with the co-workers Koujirou Shindou and Shun Hanamori checking in for a business flight at their local airport. Seated into the respective plane, Hanamori notices a photo which Shindou is holding, which is then shown to him. As Hanamori recalls the related situation as a land-buying job, his partner corrects him, stating that he was not asked to buy anything, but rather had some negotiations going on that day.
Just as the plane is about to ascend, the two of them happen to notice a strange silhouette forming in the sky. The other people on the plane, as well as those at the airport, quickly come to notice it as well, panic raising in some of them. As the silhouette materializes, it becomes visible that the object in question is a gigantic cube of alien presence, which then begins to descend onto the landing runaway of the airport. The pilots of the plane immediately deem the start too risky and order for the take-off to be cancelled, while they would retreat to an alternative gate. However, before they manage to reach it, the plane is engulfed by a strange substance coming from the cube which is now directly above them, still descending with each passing second. Hanamori falls victim to the substance, which begins to seemingly dissolve him and a few other passengers. Soon the machine is consumed by the cube in its entirety.
The news make their way into the office the two men are employed at. It is reported that a flight went missing, which they find to be the one their co-workers were on, as they check the respective passenger list. Just then, the first broadcast of the happenings starts to air.

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