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The Anisotorons are intelligent life forms that come from Aniso, a "world outside space". It is claimed that they are responsible for the creation of space, and that they collect the "information volume" that the same space generates.[citation needed] Yaha-kui zaShunina is one of the Anisotorons.


  • Novo (ワム): Translates to Anisotropic, which ultimately describes an otherworldly phenomenon.[1]
  • Unocle (ユノクル): Roughly translates to the meaning of "Heart" in the Japanese language, albeit only by 51%, as no comparable explanation exists in the human language. The term is described to compare to the psychological vector and act of "sharing which one has extra of" and can be compared to showing sympathy in sharing one's gifts with the less fortunate.[1]


A higher-dimensional universe, adjacent to every point of the universe mankind knows.[1]


  • Novo exists in 40 dimensions.[2]

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